The future of video is here. Spurred by the likes of YouTubers, vloggers and most recently, TikTok stars and influencers, video is now the medium of choice for any form of promotion and marketing — be it for self or business. And this evolution birthed another industry that is now more in-demand than ever: video production.

Exciting and innovative, today’s video production doesn’t only require high definition output, but an easy-to-use interface and a ready-wherever platform. Gone are the days when video production was only for experts and professionals. Especially now in the age of influencer content creation, the demand for easy-to-use softwares are at a high — both on mobile and computers. 

edit Video editing has been on the rise for the past few years, and it’s only bound to get more exciting. Photo: pixabay (CC0)

Amateur and professional video editors have a much easier life now than before. Editing softwares today can produce film-like productions without the need for super-powered computers or bulky machines. 

The problem, however, is that video editing software doesn’t come cheap. And for aspiring content creators, it can be really expensive, not to mention the fact that learning how to use them isn’t always simple.

Thankfully, there is a video editing software that not only makes the process easier but more affordable too. InVideo allows you to make professional-looking videos from the ground up. Highly rated and recommended by trusted websites, here are five things to know about video editing and this video editing software:

1. Video editing can be affordable

video1 InVideo’s pricing makes it one of the most affordable yet powerful video editing software available today. Photo:

The biggest hurdle that stops any beginner from producing high-quality videos is pricing. If you’re looking for softwares that can deliver professionally crafted output, the cost usually isn’t wallet-friendly. And while there are surely more affordable options, the features are usually limited and basic.

InVideo bridges the gap by providing both individuals and companies with software that is not only affordable, but also extensive and powerful in its features. Small businesses, entrepreneurs and social media influencers can take advantage of InVideo for only $10 a month, while agencies and larger teams will benefit from the more expansive $30/month subscription. For anyone else who needs a powerful video editing tool on a budget, it offers a free editor too.

Learn more about InVideo’s flexible pricing offers here. 

2. Beginners are more than welcome 

Aside from price, one other thing that can alienate beginners is complexity. Many video editing softwares have interfaces that can get real confusing real quick, discouraging individuals from even trying.

This is where InVideo’s web-based video editor comes in. Requiring minimal knowledge in video editing, this online platform enables you to seamlessly create content for whatever purpose — professional or for recreation. As a beginner, you can take advantage of the platform’s library of templates that you can just tweak to suit your needs via simple drag-and-drop action. No need to be for expert skills or to master the tools, the interface is very easy to learn.

3. Brings out your inner creativity

video2 InVideo’s powerful online video editor is completely free to use for everybody. Photo:

One of the best things about the video production is that it showcases just how creative people can be. But complicated and expensive editing tools can be a hindrance to showing your full potential. 

InVideo’s intuitive interface and its wealth of tools are fully customizable, enable any user to bring their own style to their video creations. Currently, these tools include:

  • 400+ easy-to-tweak video templates
  • pre-built elements like overlays, CTAs and stickers
  • access to library containing 8 million+ photos & videos from Shutterstock and Storyblock
  • automated text to speech
  • drag-and-drop mode
  • copyright- and royalty-free music
  • watermark-free outputs
  • multilingual support and so much more!

This customizability also carries over to InVideo’s flexibility as a product and service. No matter what type of industry you’re in, InVideo’s editor will let you create anything, including YouTube videos, invitations, intros/outros for vlogs, Facebook ads, slideshows, posters, promotional material, Instagram videos and even memes.

With that, InVideo will provide you with all the tools needed to start, and the rest is up to you.

4. Trusted and recognized

InVideo has been highly rated by trusted companies. Currently, the video editing platform has a 5-star rating from 100+ reviews on and a 4.8/5 rating from 200+ reviews on Capterra. Both sites feature aggregate scores from multiple user reviews, meaning that InVideo is recommended by different types of satisfied users.

Additionally, InVideo has also won the February 2020 “Product of the Month” award by Product Hunt, and is trusted by big brands including CNBC, CNN, Microsoft, Caterpillar, Dropbox and AT&T.

5. Thriving community will guarantee you’re never alone 

video3 InVideo’s community and live chat support will guarantee you’re never lost while making your next creation. Photo:

While there are a wealth of free tools and resources available on the internet for beginners, nothing beats assistance from actual experts, which is exactly what InVideo offers.

Boasting one of the best customer support service in the industry, InVideo will provide you with live 24/7 support via chat for all of your queries and needs. Prefer learning on your own? No problem, as InVideo’s website and social media channels have specially-made tutorials to make it easier for you to take advantage of the platform’s features.

InVideo also provides its users with access to a Facebook community group where you can connect with other users/creatives to talk, share ideas, etc.  Additionally, you can also schedule a demo/meeting with a member of the InVideo team itself.

Overall, InVideo provides great value both in terms of cost and features, and is perfect for both individuals and companies that want to take advantage of the video revolution to stay ahead. It’s easy-to-use, has amazingly-fast live support and affordable on the wallet.

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