Movie theaters and gyms can open, with 6 customers at a time; surviving the pandemic as a single, working mother; mail carrier saves woman in distress

‘A slap in the face’: Movie theaters and gyms in extreme risk Oregon counties can open, if they can manage with only 6 customers at a time

New guidelines released earlier this week allow for up to six people to be inside of indoor entertainment and recreation venues at one time, which includes movie theaters and gyms. The new guidelines go into effect Friday.

Many business owners say it doesn’t make financial sense to open with such tight regulations. Jeff Martin, owner of Joy Cinema and Pub in Tigard, said he won’t be opening his cinema today.

“It’s ridiculous. I don’t want to be too negative. We really want to do the right things in terms of keeping people safe and keeping distant and making sure they wear masks and all that. Six people does us no good at all,” Martin said.

Many gym owners feel the same way.

“Six people is difficult,” said Danielle Massari, owner of StarCycle Portland on North Williams. “It’s not ideal. It feels a little bit like a slap in the face from the governor. I don’t know what she’s trying to do with that number.” READ MORE

Portland mail carrier saves customer in distress

Terri Palmer started to worry when she noticed mail piling up at one of the homes on her route. When she knocked on the door, she heard a cry for help from a woman who had fallen and was unable to get up. Neighbors think she’d been on the floor for several hours, possibly more than a day. She’s now in the hospital recovering. READ MORE

Single, working mother of 5 juggles full-time overnight job and distance learning

The pandemic has been tough on many families, but it’s been especially hard on single, working parents like Machelle Hamilton. After a full night’s work, she comes home at 7 a.m., cooks breakfast, then gets right back to work, helping her kids with online learning. READ MORE

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