Young, first-time election commissioners stepping up to help man the polls on Election Day | Elections

Young and first-time election commissioners are stepping up to man local polling locations Tuesday as national campaigns encourage electoral involvement beyond voting and concerns linger about older commissioners’ safety during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Nationally, election commissioners typically skew older; in the 2016 presidential election, data collected by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission showed 56% of poll workers were 60 or older and 18% were 40 or younger, based on

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Grass-roots sport threatens open revolt as fury grows at second national lockdown

Golf had become one of the first sports to resume in May after a near two-month hiatus, and Jeremy Tomlinson, the England Golf chief executive, published an open letter on Sunday in an attempt to force a u-turn from Boris Johnson.

“Having digested the Prime Minister’s statement to the nation on Saturday night and read the guidance which followed, there is an element of confusion around the Government’s stated intention

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Ongoing earthquakes changing shape of Sawtooths

BOISE, Idaho — Six months after a major earthquake rattled Idaho, the rumbling has continued with a recent quake shaking near Stanley. Since March 31, the earthquakes have intrigued scientists and, in some cases, reshaped the landscape of the Sawtooth mountains near their epicenter.

The initial magnitude-6.5 quake and its aftershocks caused multiple avalanches in the Sawtooths, but many of the effects were masked by snow. As the weather warmed

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From free tacos to haircuts and lube jobs, Veterans Day discounts and deals are waiting

You may be celebrating Veterans Day differently this year because of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some deals and discounts waiting for you. Veterans Day isn’t just about saving money, but these offers are just one way businesses and organizations show they’re grateful for the service of military and veterans. Some establishments offer year-round discounts, too.

Because of COVID, some establishments have had to close or limit

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Whatcom man talks about first ‘murder hornet’ nest near home

Jaime Polinder drove past the Asian giant hornet nest in the cavity of an alder tree on his property plenty of times. His house was about 100 feet from it, his children’s playset about 40 feet. The kennel for his two Labs was about 50 feet away.

And, yet, neither he nor his wife Michelle knew the nest — the first nest of the invasive hornets to be found

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Last day of Early Voting in our area

2020 General Election: Tampa Bay Area



1. Vote By Mail

Mail ballots must be received by your Supervisor of Elections no later than 7 p.m. November 3.

What to Know about Vote By Mail

— Don’t forget to sign your Vote By Mail envelope before returning it.

— Make sure you have a current signature on file with your Supervisor of Elections

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It was still Halloween in San Diego, just a little different in 2020

With state and county guidelines in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, some traditions were prohibited this year, but kids still had fun.

SAN DIEGO — Happy Halloween San Diego! Though we’ve been wearing masks for the majority of 2020, this is one of the only days where we can make it fun! 

Since San Diego County has put some major guidelines out to stop the spread of the

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