Lawsuit filed over displacement of homeless from Minneapolis parks

Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid and the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court District of Minnesota on behalf of seven individuals and others like them who were evicted from their homes in city parks over the past few months. The lawsuit names Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson, Mayor Jacob Frey, Superintendent of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Al Bangoura and Park Police Chief Jason

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It’s time to rename Negro Bar and other outdoor areas

Before thousands of climbers ascended Mount Whitney every year, a group of Buffalo Soldiers reached the summit in 1903. The first African Americans to climb the mountain also built its first summit trail. Enthralled by the grand scenery, Capt. Charles Young committed to “preserving these mountains just as they are.”

Under Young’s command, Buffalo Soldiers protected Sequoia National Park’s big trees, guarded against poachers and prevented illegal grazing. Sadly, the

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Opponents display unity at City Hall


Opponents of a proposed gravel pit in Noblesville are mobilizing with protests and research. They’ve already got a catchy new slogan.

Indianapolis Star

A hearing on a proposed gravel pit in Noblesville has been postponed until next month but opponents of the project are just starting to dig in. 

About50 demonstrators gathered outside City Hall Monday night to voice their concerns about the 40-acre pit next to Potter’s

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Public comments change plan for Bison Gulch | Kris Capps

Public comments can make a difference.

After receiving online citizen comments on a proposal that would change the trailhead for the popular Bison Gulch Trail just south of Healy, the decision was made to leave the current parking area, but also continue with plans to build a new, safer parking area at Antler Creek.

“Public comment does matter, especially while we are in the design phase,” said Danielle R. Tessen

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Get fit in your house: Oregon PE teacher’s 10 fun tricks to shape up

People have gained weight during the pandemic. The Yale School of Medicine points to increased stress, comfort eating, upended routines and, during the first months of stay-at-home orders, gyms and parks were closed, forcing some to find a different form of exercise. Or they just stopped walking, jogging and working out.

Doctors are hearing from patients who have gained five, 10 and even 30 pounds, according to Yale Medicine. They

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Sudbury LWV: Make Your Voting Plan

Note: This is a submitted article and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Sudbury Patch.

Early in-person and mail-in voting is underway in Sudbury and Election Day is around the corner. If you haven’t made a voting plan for how to safely cast your vote, here’s some information and tools from the League of Women Voters of Sudbury to help navigate the best voting plan for you.


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Democracy researcher Valerie Lemmie on good government


At CivicCon, effective democracy researcher expert Valerie Lemmie said good government begins with going outside and talking to citizens.

Pensacola News Journal

Modern government is marked by intense polarization, widespread mistrust and “wicked” community problems where it seems impossible to find solutions that completely satisfy anyone, let alone everyone.

Often citizens see government as indifferent and out of touch, and often elected officials see citizens as having a laundry

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Inside EA Sports’ decision to revive NHL ’94

Retro gaming fans, rejoice: It’s 2020, and NHL ’94 is back.

Electronic Arts announced in early October that the beloved game that often finds itself in the “Mount Rushmore of sports video games” conversation is officially getting the remaster treatment. Entitled NHL ’94 Rewind, the game will feature updated teams and rosters to reflect the current season, with the same gameplay and graphics you remember and love from the original

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Idaho earthquakes affect rock climbing, trails in Sawtooths

Six months after a major earthquake rattled Idaho, the rumbling has continued with a quake shaking near Stanley as recently as Monday morning. Since March 31, the earthquakes have intrigued scientists and, in some cases, reshaped the landscape of the Sawtooth mountains near their epicenter.

The initial magnitude-6.5 quake and its aftershocks caused multiple avalanches in the Sawtooths, but many of the effects were masked by snow. As the weather

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U.S. Forest Service e-bike comments due soon | Local

The U.S. Forest Service is proposing updates to its rules on electronic bikes on national forest trails, like those managed by the Bridger-Teton. Officials are seeking public comments, but the window to weigh in is closing soon.

Currently, e-bikes are only allowed on Forest Service trails or areas already designated for motor-vehicle use, which encompasses about 40% of trails on national forests and grasslands, as well as thousands of miles

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Shawnee County Parks & Rec wants residents to vote on Family Park design

POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Kan. (KSNT) — The Flint Hills in northeast Kansas are known for their abundant grazing land, but this year, the grassy fields are missing their typical dew.

“This has been unusually dry for a long period of time,” said Glenn Brunkow, a seasoned Pottawatomie county farmer.

Brunkow said farmers in eastern Kansas can usually rely on rain during the fall season, but this is the first time he’s

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Minneapolis parks encampment sweeps were unconstitutional

A homeless encampment at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis grew to an estimated 560 tents by July 9, 2020, according to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. (FOX 9)

Seven people experiencing homelessness filed a class action lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis Monday alleging the city and Hennepin County violated the constitutional rights of the plaintiffs when it tore down encampments in the city’s parks

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