Suicides up in Dane County, mental health experts see link to COVID-19 | Local News

Sarah Henrickson outside with police (copy)

Sarah Henrickson, a social worker with Journey Mental Health Center and a member of the Madison Police Department mental health unit, talks with Madison police officers during a joint patrol shift in 2018.

Suicides are up in Dane County this year compared to last year, especially among youth and young adults, with mental health providers seeing a link to

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Voter guide has information on Whatcom election candidates

No long lines for Washington voters. Your ballot arrived by mail and, while you have until election day to vote, if you’re ready to vote now, The Bellingham Herald’s 2020 Voter Guide can help inform you about local and state candidates and measures.

First, your deadlines.

Ballots were mailed Oct. 16 but it make take several days to reach you. You have until Wednesday, Oct. 21, to contact the auditor

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‘Big Pile’ Of Live Eels Dumped In Lake In NYC Park; Impact Not Yet Known

NEW YORK (AP) — Andrew Orkin was taking a break from his evening jog to sit by Prospect Park Lake when he turned around and was startled to see a tangle of wriggling snakes.

“And quite a big pile — fully alive,” said Orkin, a music composer who lives near the Brooklyn park.

They turned out to be eels that had escaped from one of two large plastic bags that

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‘Big pile’ of eels dumped in NYC park; impact not yet known


Asian swamp eels are on display for sale at a market in the Chinatown neighborhood of the Manhattan borough of New York on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020. New York state and city wildlife officials say it’s too soon to know the local impact of exotic eels dumped into a Brooklyn lake in September 2020. The nonnative eel species has been illegally released into freshwater bodies in at least eight U.S.

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‘Haunted Hills’ Scares Up Screams with Spooky Drive-Through Experience in Santa Maria | Local News

Missing their signature event, organizers of the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo chose to take advantage of the ghost-town atmosphere created by COVID-19 restrictions.

“Haunted Hills” offers a drive-through experience at the Santa Maria Elks/Unocal Event Center, 4040 Highway 101, for six nights this month. The rodeo grounds sit east of Highway 101 at Santa Maria Way.

With the warning “drive thru if you dare,” Haunted Hills features a 3-mile route

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Lincoln Park improvements continue | Share playground ideas at drive-thru meeting Wednesday | Local News

WENATCHEE — Slides, spinners, seesaws, a zip line, a pirate ship, maybe? Community members of all ages who have ideas on what they would like to see included in Lincoln Park’s new playground are invited to speak their piece at a family-friendly, social-distance-enabled drive-thru meeting Wednesday.

The Wenatchee Parks Department is hosting the event, from 4 to 6 p.m., at the park, 1410 S. Mission St. A drive-up lane will

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Florida city cannot afford to keep descendants of swans donated by the Queen

A city in Florida is selling dozens of swans after a pair donated by the Queen in 1957 had too many descendants for them to cope with.

Lakeland, which has a swan as its symbol, gratefully received the first two birds decades ago but now is unable to afford the annual $10,000 cost of feeding them.

It is selling 36 in a public lottery to reduce overcrowding at Lake Morton,

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Museums are combining childcare and education that’s more affordable than private tutoring

As early as March of this year, many parents realized that their children likely would not physically attend school for the fall semester due to the pandemic. This led to a mad scramble to make other arrangements. 

Some parents opted for “pandemic pods,” which are essentially groups of 10 or fewer students learning together in a home environment with mutually agreed upon health precautions being taken outside the classroom. Some

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