Modern Family is known for making people laugh uncontrollably at the lives of the Dunphy, Delgado-Pritchet, and Tucker-Pritchett clan. The sitcom is filmed in a mockumentary style with the characters giving a look to the camera every so often to show how they really feel about the scenario.

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Along with glances to the camera, the characters also do talking heads to share insight and a backstory to the situation. It’s sitcom gold. However, the actors portraying the characters aren’t made of steel. They too laugh at their characters or the things they say, creating a hilarious blooper trail online.

10 “Isn’t Two Glasses Enough, Baby?!”

clive and julianna - modern family - season six

In the episode “Valentine’s Day 4: Twisted Sister,” Claire and Phil go on their usual Valentine’s Day shenanigans by roleplaying as their alter egos: Julianna and Clive.

In one scene, Claire realizes her husband may be more in love with her alter ego than her, so she tries to make Julianna as unappealing as possible. She starts ripping into Phil’s favorite movie (Dirty Dancing) and acts as Johnny talking to Baby. However, it seems the words were hard for Julie Bowen to get out. She kept messing up, causing her and Ty Burrell (Phil) to laugh.

9 Joe Manganiello Vs. Tom Hardy

haleys 21st birthday - modern family

In “Haley’s 21st. Birthday,” Haley goes to a bar for the “first time” with her mom, Gloria, Cam, and Mitch to celebrate. As the night goes on, Haley and Gloria play a game of “Who would you rather?” The question was: would you rather marry Geroge Clooney or have the best night of your life with Tom Hardy?

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However, in a blooper reel, instead of saying Tom Hardy, Sarah Hyland (Haley) said Joe Manganiello. Why this is comical is because Sofia Vergara (Gloria) is married to the Magic Mike star in real life! Sofia started giggling under her breath before pretending to fight Haley.

8 It’s “Fauxkon” Disgusting

cams fake bacon - modern family

In the fourth season, Cameron is on a health kick where he attempts to create a healthier version of bacon: fauxkon. He creates it using soy but even soy isn’t enough to save the dish because Mitchell hates it.

After Cameron explains to the camera that it’s faux-bacon, Mitchell chimes in “It’s fauxkon disgusting.” Before Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) could even get out the words, he begins laughing into his hands while Eric Stonestreet giggles next to him.

7 “The Kitty’s Tickling Me!”

lily and lary - modern family

Before Mitch and Cam adopted Rexford, they were thinking about adopting another child earlier in the series. But when that opportunity fell through, they opted for a cat to give Lily some company. Lily, hilariously, named the cat Larry.

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In the episode “Snip,” Lily is sitting at the breakfast table with Larry on her lap while earing cereal. But while the scene was going on, Aubrey Anderson Emmerson (Lily) broke character and started giggling, claiming that the “kitty was tickling her.” Eric Stonestreet can be heard out of camera laughing with her in an adorable moment.

6 A Whipped Cream Fiasco

phil and whipped cream blooper - modern family

It was the first day of school and Phil was making Luke pancakes for the big day. Phil originally put the whipped cream on Luke’s pancakes but Luke told him that he could just put it in his mouth because he’s in high school now. Afterward, Phil puts whipped cream in his own mouth.

As one can imagine, nailing this scene took some time. In one scene the whipped cream wasn’t coming out right, and in another too much came out. At one point, Ty Burrell had to spit the whipped cream into a trash can just to do the scene.

5 “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart!”

cam and mitch singing blooper - modern family

In the episode “Egg Drop,” Cam and Mitch are being interviewed by a pregnant woman who’s looking for a couple to adopt her baby. She said she preferred a couple who had an interest in music, so Mitchel and Cam obviously broke out the keyboard and sang “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” by Elton John and Kiki Dee.

While singing, Jesse Tyler Ferguson couldn’t help but laugh the more theatrical he became. Likewise, Eric Stonestreet busted out laughing too.

4 “Snicker Snackers”

glorias knick knacks - modern family blooper

With Sofia Vergara being Colombian in real life, some of the words can be tricky for her to say. Especially at the fast pace that Gloria tends to speak. There are various bloopers online of Vergara trying to get the words out but has a hard time doing so.

In one scene, Gloria walks into Claire’s kitchen with a box of knick-knacks, but the phrase “knick-knacks” was hard for Vergara to get out. She said “knick-snacks” and “knicker-snackers” before trying again. Julie Bowen and Jesse Tyler Ferguson had a hard time keeping it together.

3 Child Actors Are Adorable

modern family blooper with lily and gloria

When Modern Family swapped actresses to play Lily as a kindergartener, Aubrey Anderson Emmerson was cast. To prep for the role, she and her mom watched episodes of Modern Family so that she would be familiar with the actors.

While in the middle of the scene, Aubrey—as Lily—looks at Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson and says “Hey, we saw you guys on Modern Family!” The adorable recognition had the entire set laughing.

2 “…A Monkey In A Diaper!”

do not push - modern family

In the episode “Do Not Push,” the entire family goes on a college tour to Caltech with Alex. Instead of crowding Alex, Phil, Luke, and Haley went to do a campus study for some extra cash. The threesome believes they’re being watched by scientists and judged for how they handle the situation.

In one take, Phil had to say “It’s no fun being laughed at by a room of scientists and a monkey in a diaper!” but he ran out of breath before he could finish the sentence. Burrell tried to play it off but Nolan Gould (Luke) couldn’t help but laugh. 

1 X

mathew broderick blooper - modern family

In the episode “Mistery Date,” Matthew Broderick stars as a man named Dave that Phil met at the gym. Dave believed Phil was hitting on him because he invited him over to watch the football game. Dave happily agreed but was nervous because he just got out of a relationship. Phil, of course, had no idea that Dave thought he was gay. This made it even more awkward when Phil took off his and Dave’s shirt after spilling margaritas on them.

While Phil has their shirts in hand, he tells Dave, “How about we head up to the bedroom for some halftime festivities.” Funny enough, Broderick couldn’t help but laugh and broke character.

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