Some fans may think that Cory In The House didn’t get the chance to establish itself as one of the premiere Disney Channel shows of its time. As a spin-off of the extremely successful That’s So Raven, it may have seemed as if Cory In The House would be destined to join the pantheon of Disney shows.

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Alas, it didn’t end up that way, but that doesn’t mean that there are still some burning questions fans have that need to be answered.

10 Why Is Ms. Flowers Still A Teacher?

If you’re a fan of Cory In The House, then you know of the weird teaching exploits of Ms. Flowers. She would teach random things to her fourth-grade class like tumbleweeds, and she always went into too much detail about her personal life, including the time her online dates never called her back, which was not appropriate for fourth-graders to know.

Ms. Flowers was a kind teacher who loved her students, but the show clearly demonstrated that it was time for Ms. Flowers to put her teacher’s apple back in the fridge for good.

9 Why Didn’t Meena And Cory Ever Get Together?

Throughout the series, Cory (Kyle Massey) had a massive crush on Meena Paroom, the daughter of a Bahavian ambassador. Though Meena only saw Cory as a friend, it still didn’t stop Cory from dreaming of being her boyfriend.

Cory In The House never really gave the audience an answer as to why Meena didn’t want to hook up with Cory. It seems as if the producers were looking for Cory and Meena to have a Raven-and-Eddie friendship, but could it had killed the producers to answer why Meena didn’t want to be with Cory?

8 Where Was Mrs. Baxter?

The plot of the series focused on Cory Baxter and his father, Victor Baxter, moving from San Francisco to Washington D.C. to be the White House executive chef. Missing from the show is Tanya Baxter, Victor’s wife, and Cory’s mom.

Toward the end of Season Three of That’s So Raven, it was implied that Mrs. Baxter was in London going to law school. They never brought her back for the spin-off, still implying that she was in London. It was never explored why she never appeared in Cory In The House, nor why she was written out of its sister show.

7 Was Meena Angry Song Included In The Movie?

In what would turn out to be the series’ final episode, “Mad Songs Pay So Much,” Meena wrote an angry break-up song that was supposed to be in a movie. However, she couldn’t finish the song because she got back with her ex, so she tricked Cory and Newt to write the song.

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We never really got to see if the song was included in the movie because, this would turn out to be the final episode, with Disney Channel declining to renew the series. So this question will never be known.

6 Did Sophie Finish Her Book Report?

In the same finale, the B-plot showed Sophie struggling to finish a book report that was assigned to her. Instead of finishing the book report, Sophie, along with Tanisha and Haeley, watched a movie instead.

The episode never really explained if Sophie ever finished her book report, and what grade she would have gotten if she did. It’s another consequence of canceling a series before loose ends were tied.

5 Are Victor And Tanya Split Up?

As mentioned earlier, Tanya Baxter, the wife of Victor Baxter, was written out of That’s So Raven, only be mentioned as being in London to pursue a law degree. Tanya didn’t appear for Cory In The House, which left fans speculating if the two are split up?

It would be a shame because the dynamic between Victor and Tanya was sweet and it seemed like a real marriage on That’s So Raven. The series producers didn’t explore why Tanya was in London pursuing a law degree, nor if Victor and Tanya are even together, Fans really wanted to know what happened to this seemingly loving marriage.

4 Did The Baxters Stay In Washington D.C.?

It always seemed that the Baxters were one Cory shenanigan away from moving back to San Francisco. Victor never lost his job as the White House Executive Chef, but the president can only stay in office for eight years, leaving one to wonder, if Cory In The House would have lasted more than two seasons, would the Baxters be able to stay in the White House?

This is another consequence of a show ending its run too soon, as storylines such as this one could have been explored, but didn’t get the chance to take root.

3 What Happened Between Meena and Craig?

Meena had a crush on Craig, and the two ended up dating each other. Their romance became a light storyline of the series as viewers saw the budding romance between the two.

In the last episode of the series, Meena and Craig broke up, only to get back together to trick Cory into finishing her angry break-up song. Would their romance rekindled and be explored a bit more if the show would have had a third season? Fans will never know.

2 Is Leonard Stevenson And Victor Baxter Still Beefing?

Victor Baxtor and Leonard Stevenson are not the best of friends, to put it mildly. Known by his nickname “Captain Cook-Off,” he was mentioned in That’s So Raven as being a former rival of Victor.

He was briefly mentioned in Cory In The House, but sadly, fans didn’t get a satisfying answer as to if Victor and Leonard solved their differences, or if they’re still going head-to-head with each other.

1 Why Did Cory In The House End So Soon?

Cory In The House was pegged to follow in the footsteps of That’s So Raven in popularity. However, that wasn’t the case as other Disney Channel shows such as Hannah Montana quickly overshadowed the series, leading to the channel canceling the show after two seasons.

The sudden cancelation of the show left fans a bit sad as some of the show’s storylines (which were few and far in-between) couldn’t be resolved or were never seriously explored by the show. There is no talk of a reboot happening anytime soon, leaving us to enjoy the brief stint of the show on Disney+.

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