A postcard from Amsterdam as Europe reopens its borders

Borders between most EU states, closed for some months because of the Corona crisis, become more porous this morning. Travel is not yet enthusiastically encouraged, but holidaymakers who adhere to local Covid-19 restrictions may gently filter through. What will tentative first visitors find in Amsterdam?

The Netherlands is now in its second phase of lockdown ease. Restaurants and café terraces have re-opened. Schools are back. Museums and theatres are welcoming visitors, and shopping is no longer a nervous dash to stock up on essentials.

But Amsterdammers emerge blinking from lockdown to a different world from the one they shut their doors on three months ago. “It’s life as unusual,” a friend remarked.

Social-distancing regulations – in the Netherlands 1.5 metres – remain in force. Unlike in the UK, Dutch shops were allowed to remain open during lockdown, though many, especially those with an established online presence, chose to close. They

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How a Premier League matchday will actually play out

When the buses – and it will be more than one bus and possibly as many as three carrying a team – pull into the Premier League stadia 90 minutes before kick-off with the return of football it will be a very different experience for everyone involved.

The clubs have been talking to the coach companies they use to modify the vehicles so that social distancing is observed on board with medical staff carrying out temperature tests on the players before they disembark.

Their journey to this point will also have been altered with clubs encouraged to fly on the day of games, rather than travel down the day before and stay in hotels. They have also been discouraged from using trains with larger aircraft being chartered to, again, help comply with social distancing requirements.

The Premier League will allow hotel stays, though, with a team of eight compliance officers

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Public health experts ranked 36 American activities based on risk

As more and more states begin phases of reopening, many Americans are now wondering what is safe to do and what should still be avoided to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“There’s a huge amount of variation from business to business, from area to area, in how much transmission risk there is for resuming economic activity,” Dr. Katherine Baicker, of the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, told Yahoo Finance’s The Ticker.

An analysis by MLive chose 36 American activities and asked four public health experts to weigh in on the risk of coronavirus exposure for each activity. The experts factored in whether the activity is inside or outside, proximity to others, how long you’d be exposed, the likelihood of compliance, and your personal risk level. 

Bars and large music concerts are the riskiest settings right now. (Graphic: David Foster/Yahoo Finance)

With 1 being the least risky

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Rhode Island hotel owners frustrated with lack of guidance regarding out-of-state visitors during coronavirus

NEWPORT, R.I. — Hotel owners and operators say they need a target date from state officials so they can begin booking out-of-state guests who won’t face a 14-day quarantine upon arrival, reports the Providence Journal, which is a part of the USA TODAY Network.

“Without a target date, we can’t market and plan,” said Kate DeCosta, chief operating officer for the Newport Experience, which operates the OceanCliff Hotel. “Without a date, we can’t start booking rooms. Every day we can’t do that, we are held back from recapturing lost revenues. It’s a double whammy now.”

“I’m hoping it’s the first week of June that the quarantine is lifted, but by July 1 at the latest,” said Walter Andrews, general manager of the Newport Marriott, the largest hotel in the city with 320 rooms. “It’s crucial we have a date. I can’t make a move without direction from the state.”


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Fox News Used Digitally Altered Photos in Coverage of Seattle Protests and ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’

Fox News has repeatedly published digitally altered photographs as part of a series of stories about protests on Seattle’s Capitol Hill that aired June 12.The misleading images were first discovered by the Seattle Times, which raised the issue to Fox News.“Fox’s site had no disclaimers revealing the photos had been manipulated. The network removed the images after inquiries from The Seattle Times,” The Times reported June 12.The photos are purported to be taken inside Seattle’s so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” a six-block radius in downtown Seattle that is now outside police control. The area was established May 25 after Mayor Jenny Durkan ordered Seattle police to abandon their East Precinct station during protests against the May 25 killing of George Floyd. Seattle residents have nicknamed the reclaimed police station the “Seattle

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The online wine shops still delivering during lockdown

Whether you’re pairing a bottle with a nice dinner in the garden after being sat indoors working all day, or over a Zoom call for a catch up with friends, trying times often call for a glass of wine.

Wine isn’t counted as an essential item – although we all know the relaxing benefits of a glass or two, especially at this time – so we advise instead of making special trips out to buy wine, that you order online.

Not only is it a way to support smaller businesses who will have shut their shop doors, it means you’ll barely need to get off the sofa to receive it.

The Winchester wine festival, whose annual event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus spread, has compiled a detailed long list of vendors due to be at the festival who are accommodating with online orders instead.

Many are offering free

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Airbnb-NYC Settlement Means Hosts Will Have to Pay Taxes or Leave the Platform

Ending a years-long skirmish over complying with short-term rental regulations, Airbnb and New York City reached a settlement that requires Airbnb to provide the city with host information, including names, physical addresses, phone numbers and emails. If hosts don’t consent to the data transfer, they would be barred from listing their properties on the platform.

That Airbnb consented to such a settlement in one of its biggest global markets may have implications for other cities.

With some exceptions, such as for private and shared-room listings and properties that were listed for fewer than four nights in the previous quarter, New York hosts would be subject to paying state sales and use tax, New York City hotel occupancy taxes, and city and state nightly room fees.

“This information will only be provided for hosts who have consented — but hosts who do not consent will not be able to list their

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Meet the man stranded on an island in the middle of lockdown

A Brit traveller has spoken of his experiences after becoming stranded on an island under strict lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Daniel Worthington, 29, from Manchester was on a round the world trip, and had spent 18 months travelling the globe.

In March, he arrived on the Thai island of Phuket for a friend’s wedding and had checked into a nearby Marriott Hotel – but then the global COVID-19 outbreak kicked in.

According to Worthington, life on the island “became quieter”, before the ensuing lockdown “happened very quickly”.

A strict curfew came into place in Thailand – with rules enforced by law. (Daniel Worthington)

Management pushed a letter under the door of his room each morning saying of new restrictions in place.

The traveller, who runs an online business, told Yahoo News UK: “One day it said the beaches were closing, which is unheard of here.

“The next day,

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What do the new rules mean for my travel plans?

These are the key questions and answers about what the UK’s first blanket quarantine policy means for travellers.

What is happening – and why now?

Most travellers coming to the UK by air, sea or rail are required to self-isolate for 14 days from the day following the day of arrival.

The only exception is if they are leaving the country before the two weeks are up.

The obligation applies to returning holidaymakers as well as foreign visitors to the UK.

The home secretary, Priti Patel, justified the measure by saying: “We are taking these measures at the right time because we are serious about saving lives and controlling the virus.

“Now we are past the peak of this virus, we must take steps to guard against imported cases, triggering a resurgence of this deadly disease.

“As the transmission rate across the UK falls, and the number of travellers arriving

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What a hotel stay looks like amid coronavirus

Contactless check-in and check-out. Employees wearing masks and gloves. Grab-and-go food options. 

The next time you stay at a hotel, your hygiene experience will be different because of the coronavirus pandemic. A lot different.

Hotels across the hospitality industry updated their cleanliness procedures during the past few weeks in a sweeping effort to boost confidence among wary travelers. Industry executives on recent earnings calls have been hopeful about leisure travel demand starting to pick up – and it has, slightly – but overall occupancy levels at chains such as Hilton and Marriott remain low.

“Now the challenge for hotels is how you deliver a welcoming service encounter as well as ensure the safety and health of your employees and guests,” said Linda Canina, a professor at The Hotel School in Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business.

Here’s a look at what you can expect when you next visit a

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