Day: September 5, 2020

7 things to know if you’re planning to camp in Oregon

One of Oregon’s most unique summers is coming to an end this Labor Day Weekend.  

A season that saw mass closures of recreation sites due to the COVID-19 pandemic from March to May, followed by an unprecedented number of people flooding outdoors from June to August, has meant nothing about this recreation season has felt normal.

And that continues into the holiday weekend.

Hot temperatures combined with the pandemic’s lingering impact means Oregonians will be headed to the forest, mountains and beach in droves, but finding a campsite or a good hike could be a big challenge. 

Here are 7 critical things to know before loading up the car for summer’s final hurrah.

1: Options for camping in Oregon

The vast majority of public campgrounds that can be reserved across Western Oregon have already been snapped up.  

As of last week, 96% of Oregon’s state park campsites were already booked

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Dallas Is Finally Getting a Quarantine Hotel

Some hotels are more accessible than others, but our lodging options are usually restricted by our budgets. One hotel in Dallas, however, is soon to become uber-exclusive, and your money won’t be getting you in. The hotel will cater only to the 2 percent: only Dallas County residents who have contracted COVID-19.

The hotel will be a resting place for people infected with coronavirus who need to isolate themselves from family. It’s a quarantine destination, set up by Dallas County, with the goal to prevent further spread of the virus.

The concept isn’t new; quarantine hotels are available worldwide. In Texas, a Red Roof Inn in Laredo provides more than 100 rooms for guests with COVID-19, and an Austin hotel has been a quarantine sanctuary since March.

Dallas is now getting its own quarantine hotel, Dallas County Health and Human Services announced Wednesday. Housing will be free, and those

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Novato Police Chief Responds To ‘Misleading’ Post On Homelessness

On Thursday, Novato Police Chief Matthew McCaffrey wrote a public letter to residents addressing recent social media posts that alleged homeless people were “kicked out” of Lee Gerner Park by police. In his letter, the chief said those claims were inaccurate. His letter, in its entirety, is below:

In response to several online postings, regarding the treatment of individuals living in a homeless encampment at Lee Gerner Park, we felt it would be important to provide some information about a community policing project that was initiated earlier this year.

The misleading postings have inferred that homeless individuals were “kicked out” of the park, as well as the restrooms and wash stations removed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are not familiar with Lee Gerner Park, it is a park that runs along the creek to the rear of the Novato Library and the Star Restaurant near the crossing of Novato

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