Day: August 2, 2020

Travel bucket lists are changing during the covid-19 pandemic

We didn’t get a heads-up that the coronavirus would shut the world down. There was no opportunity to steal away one last time before locking down indefinitely. We had to be grateful for the travel we already had enjoyed, and maybe start planning escapes for the distant future.

“The appetite for travel has not gone down; it’s in our DNA to travel,” said Stephen McGillivray, chief marketing officer for Travel Leaders Group, one of the largest networks of travel agents. “The interest is just as robust … but it’s for ’21 and beyond.”

What will those trips in the beyond look like?

The pandemic, and the contemplation that’s followed, has led me to retool my travel bucket list. I’ve spent some downtime looking at old travel photos, reliving the memories and reflecting on the experiences worth repeating — and the new experiences worth trying. And it seems I’m not alone.

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